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11 Ways To Make Mother’s Day Special

Let’s start with the basics…

man, texting, phone, shocked, car

Don’t forget..

1. A text

Ah, the minimum requirement for every Mother’s Day. Even so, receiving ‘I love you’s’ from your busy children still brings a warm, fuzzy feeling no other text can compare to. We’re in 2017, too, so you can’t use ‘no credit or data’ as an excuse.

2. A card

Whether it’s a trip to Clintons, something more spontaneous in Scribbler, or even something cheerful from Tesco, a card is another bare minimum Mother’s Day essential. Add a thoughtful message inside describing how you forgive her for those dirty-plate tantrums and the clip around the ear she gave you when you returned home with that tattoo. Aw.

3. Flowers

For some, if a text/card was a 10/10 must on the scale of what to give Momma, flowers are about a nine. Buy your flowers a few days before (or order online) to ensure you’re not desperately scrambling around Morrisons at 9am or bursting in with a pot of your neighbour, Tabatha’s, Wilko’s Multi-Purpose Compost.

4. A present

If you haven’t already paid attention by now, Mum might be sending you subtle signals as to what she’d like this Sunday, from Kindles she’ll never read to Groupon vouchers. If you don’t know, just ask with enough time to act. If yours, like mine, will remain stubborn until you, in fact, don’t buy her what she didn’t ask for – then god help you.

Going out of your way…

Mother/daughter cooking

Are you a better cook than your Mum?

5. Cook/treat her to dinner

Cook your Mum her favourite cuisine – you can even cook one of her own specialities to show her how well she’s taught you. Of course, if you’re not too confident in the kitchen, you can take her to her favourite restaurant and cover the bill (for once). All she can eat. *Points Mum to the set menu*

6. Do her chores

If you no longer live with your parents, it’s likely – unless you were a very good child – that Momma remembers you as a non-proactive kid who put off chores as much as possible. So, it’s time to finally address her image of you and do all her chores for her. You can start by stripping her linen, gathering her laundry and high-maintenance dry cleaning items, and sending them to Laundrapp. (Go one step further and grab her a gift card as well/in your absence!)

7. Digital picture frame

You can’t put a price on memories. But no longer do we add and retain our favourite selection via physical photo albums, it’s all digital and takes up less space in the cabinet. Make trips down memory lane easier by spending time to scan through pictures, both on your phone and from physical photo albums, and store them onto a digital album frame.

8. Gather siblings

Easier said than done, and everyone’s circumstances differ. But I’m sure nothing would make a mother happier than having all her cubs at the dinner table.

The extra mile…

Mother's Day, women watching TV

Don’t forget about yo’ other mother, brother

9. Scenic drive

Make the love of your life (yes, we’re still talking about your Mum) a mixtape of her favourite, albeit cheesy, songs and find a local scenic driving route in the early evening for you guys to wander down. (Be warned, she’ll probably fall asleep because it’s so relaxing)

10. Time

The most appreciative thing you can do this Mother’s Day is to give your Mum the gift of your time. No one’s getting younger, and you can never underestimate how much of your time can mean to the person who gave all of hers to you. Even if it’s sitting there doing nothing in front of the TV, I’m sure it will still mean the world to her.

11. Remember to honour other mothers in your family.

Often overlooked, remember to look after the mothers of your mothers, and also, consider all the other maternal figures in your life that offer motherly intent, whether it’s cooking food for you, giving advice, or caring for you in general.

Written by Angela Freeth

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