10 deadly household items

The home has always been praised for being a place for family, a warm and comfortable space that is always there for you, a safe haven if you will.

Home is where the heart is after all. Well, not anymore, your home is a lot more dangerous than you think. It’s a death trap with cream wall paper.

1. Perfumes


No one likes to smell bad but is perfume really the answer? It has been discovered that many perfumes contain hazardous chemicals that can cause headaches, nausea, irritation to throat, lungs, eyes, and skin as well as kidney damage. Something smells suspicious to me.


2. Plastic water bottles

You know they’re bad for the environment and still you use them, but did you know they can be bad for your health as well? Many plastic bottles used to contain bisphenol A (BPA) which could bring on heart disease and diabetes, but even though most bottles now are BPA free there are still chemicals used in creating hard plastics that can negatively impact humans.


3. Cleaning supplies

Much like perfume these products also possess harsh chemicals that can be extremely bad for you if ingested or if large amounts come into contact with your skin. Try natural alternatives instead like lemon, baking soda and hot water.


4. Toothpaste


Although people are always smiling in the adverts, toothpaste can be harmful. If ingested toothpaste can cause stomach pain as well as intestinal blockage and as appealing as that sounds, it’s probably not the best for you.


5. Air freshener

Everyone loves giving a room one last spritz of air freshener after cleaning, with natural cleaning products I hope. If the room is not sufficiently ventilated the toxic chemicals can be detrimental to your health as they fly through the air like tiny assassins.


6. Extension cords

Yes, in our technologically obsessed world that is the modern day, extension cords are useful. I mean what if you want to watch Stranger Things under the covers but the plug socket is too far away? Extension cords can cause electrical fires though if misused or overloaded, so like everything else in life, moderation is key.


7. Household Plants


If you’ve got any little rugrats or furry friends running around your home then this is for you. Many popular household plants (daffodils, ivy, mistletoe) are actually poisonous when consumed and you know they’re just sitting there waiting to be grabbed.


8. Lead based paint

Was your home built before the 1980s and not been redecorated since? Firstly, you may want to consider redecorating and secondly you may have, or are in danger of getting, lead poisoning from inhaling particles from lead-based paint. If you won’t redecorate for the style value, at least do it for your health.


9. Furniture polish

Furniture polish and stain is incredibly flammable so if you keep a candle on that table, watch out. Also, some of the chemicals used have been known to cause skin cancer if absorbed into the skin, so be careful.


10. Dryers


You’ve got to be careful with dryers, sometimes you accidentally put your clothes in thinking it’s the washing machine and mild hilarity ensues. You also should be mindful of the lint filter though as a build-up of lint can start dryer fires, which can be extremely dangerous. Please make sure you’re cleaning the lint filter after every cycle.

The world is a dangerous place and now so is your home apparently. It’s not all bad though, as long as you take care and use some common sense you’ll be fine.

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Words by Matt Starr